Friday, December 8, 2017

37 years later...RECOGNITION

Yesterday, I was recognized by a mover and shaker in a tribute that surprised -- but humbled -- me.

I hired her when she first moved to Chicago and she did a great job.  I, however, moved on and rarely saw her.

But, she opened her own business and ascended in the business world -- leaving me WAY behind.

She was honored last night and she reached out to me to attend.  She overnighted a ticket to me.

Well, with it being such an upscale event, and because she'd reached out...of course, I went.

At the height of recognition, she stopped to salute those who'd helped me along the way.

Much to my utter surprise, she paid tribute to me and hailed me for the knowledge I'd passed on to her.

I was flabbergasted as the entire room trained their eyes on she told me to stand.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you get your due.

And, I was happily surprised but glad that my professionalism and mentoring, helped propel her.

I felt proud and today, feel the aftereffects of that.

Feels kinda good.

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Rumors -- ARE TRUE!

Today, my former Mayor, David Webb, was indicted for a scheme where he was given kickbacks from contractors in return for business.  This had been rumored but, I couldn't believe it.

I've always liked him and he appointed me to the Library Board, where I have done well.

But, if the charges are true, then he has put a black mark on the City of Markham, which I've grown to love.

I pray that these charges are false....for the sake of the good people in the City...and for former Mayor Webb.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy for Harry

Just heard the news that Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle.

Harry has always been his own man and he's demonstrating it again with this milestone.

She is bi-racial.

She is a little older.

She is not royalty.

I'm smiling because he broke the mold and is going his own way.

Happy for Harry.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Don't live scared

OK.  So, a guy I met over the Internet sent me money to go to New York to visit him.

I said YES.

I'm going to put a lot of precautions in I'm staying at a hotel, and have given his information to my sister, checked him out to see if he's legit, and I'm on my way.

I don't share this information with cautious friends.  If I told them, they'd set up a lot of barriers and judgements and I'd end up not going.

So, I don't tell "certain" friends about my carefree ventures.

I get a chance to go to New York, see the Christmas tree, go to Rockefeller Square, get a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, eat at Sylvia's

..and maybe meet someone special.

Sure, I could stay home out of caution but I don't live scared.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Is she really a friend?

I have a "friend" who is very judgmental of my carefree spirit.  I like her in many ways but I've learned to stop sharing tid bits of my life with her because she always has a negative opinion of some of my "free spiritedness."

I love taking chances and living life to its fullest.  Some people admire me for living life on the edge at times and taking chances. But, others -- like this "friend," has issues with it.

Last week, we had lunch and I stayed on safe topics...without triggering the "opinion mode." It was her birthday so I treated her to lunch.  While she tends to be unpleasant at times, I found our lunch together fun and engaging.

But, it occurred to me that, if being with her requires putting a filter on what I share, then, perhaps she really isn't a friend after all.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Be careful when driving!..

I'm amazed by the incidents of folks leaving their cars running while they make a quick purchase.

There are more incidents in the news of this happening with carjackers seizing the moment. In a few incidents, children were in the car.

My Dad once left his car running while he mailed a letter. BAM!  A thug pounced, stole his car and tried to run over him. Poor Daddy. His house keys were on his key ring, his wallet was there -- complete with money, credit cards and personal ID.

I felt so bad for Daddy as he was shaken, crestfallen and hurt. He had to borrow busfare. And, when he walked in the door, he was so down.  But, he sped into action trying to report stolen documents. The car (a Cadillac) was found weeks later...but trashed.

LISTEN PEOPLE! There are bad guys out there waiting to prey..and waiting to jump.

Carjackings are dramatically up in Chicago.

Take a moment to complete a checklist.  If you want to make a quick purchase, turn the ignition off. Lock the car. Take your personal belongings, including the children.

Those small steps will save you heartbreak, time and maybe even your own kids.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Bask in the beauty

It's cold in Chicago.  Well, it's Chicago.

But, today -- November 10 -- it is almost record-breaking cold...coupled with snow.

Folks are groaning, complaining, screaming.  There are dire warnings by forecasters of plunging temperatures.

Those who have endured these winters should be accustomed to Chicago's weather quirks and nuances.

I walked out of my home and was actually enchanted by how the snow kissed my grass and I was uplifted by the gentle -- but cold -- breeze.

I started smiling, grinning, embracing it.

So, instead of complaining, enjoy it.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Maybe Mr. Trump will learn a lesson about expressing regret -- BLACK STYLE

My Sorority, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

The way President Trump expressed regret was callous, insensitive and disgusting.  Trump has a coterie of people around him who can give him the words, the sentiment and the approach when a hero has made the ultimate sacrifice and his widow has to be comforted.

Trump doesn't have empathy or the ability to be compassionate, comforting or caring during a time when softness is required.

He should write someone write the letter ....someone who has the touch, the sensitivity and the capacity to show authentic caring.

Someone like ME!

Monday, October 16, 2017

You never know

A schoolteacher was recently murdered in Chicago in a drive by shooting.

She was the unintended target.

About a year before that, a black woman was walking out of Starbucks on 35th Street and was killed when she got caught in the middle of gunfire.

She was an innocent bystander.

Both of these victims were living their lives...unaware that they would be gunned down and their lives snuffed out so innocently.

We cannot control these deadly deed but we can cherish life more. Embrace those you love more. Smile. Laugh. Live life to the fullest...daily.

You never know when a stray bullet, a drunken driver, an unexplained happenstance, will end your life.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Karma is a ______

Couldn't help but be amused by the reporter who was "so-called" insulted by Cam Newton who some thought he belittled. I didn't think much of it and couldn't understand the clamor.

But, then, the reporter went in for the kill to really scald Cam and take him out.

But, Karma was lurking.

Come to find out that she'd written some offensive/racial tweets that put her on the defensive.

How soon your plan is foiled and how quickly you're exposed.

Now, she's hurriedly apologizing in the way she wanted Cam to wallow in Apologyland.

Karma....It's a ________.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Let us pray

I just woke up to the horrific news about the massacre in Las Vegas.

It is 24/7 coverage!  It is scary!

This tragedy only underscores the importance of the serendipitous nature of life.

You never know.  You can never predict. You can never prepare.

In this world where violence comes out of nowhere, you can only be vigilant while continuing to live your life.

You must set to each day as if your days are numbered so, be conscious of how you carry yourself...of the legacy you are leaving behind.

Today, could be your last day.

Be prayerful and careful.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The value of being accommodating

I recently discovered I have pre-diabetes.  Eager to get in front of this, with the hope of de-escalating it,  I searched for nutritionists.  I finally settled on a woman whose credentials I liked and who, like me, is African American.

We had a wonderful initial conversation and I told her I'd like to see her.

Then, she went me a long series of questions and conditions I'd have to agree to.  And, the topper is that I had to provide my credit card in the event I was a "no show."

The questions and surrendering my credit card were deal killers for me and I made that clear to her.  We went back and forth with the rationale but I held fast.  I found the questions offensive and providing a credit card upfront is to assume I would be flaky and I'm not.

Finally, she relented and relaxed those requirements.  Whether it's because she needed business, or for some other reason, I appreciated the accommodation.

And, we sealed the relationship.  I look forward to being her patient/client because she is flexible, has business acumen and was willing to trust.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Second dates determine if you'll make it

The first time you go out on a date, it may be awkward.  People too often give up if there is no chemistry on that first connection.

But, my advice is to give it another try.  Go on a second date.

That is the real determinant.  You are giving or being given a second chance.  You can loosen up more.  You can find a comfort zone.  And, feelings may flutter.

That has happened to me quite often....including on yesterday.

Sometimes it's nice to not give up on the first date.  I didn't even though conversation was not flowing.  But, I took a chance and I went on a second date yesterday.

And, it went so well.....that we're going on a third date.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Be supportive

One of my regrets is that I never ran for office.  I am convinced that I would have made a good public servant.

But, it's too late now.

So, when a younger person I know (from my sorority, for example) puts his/her in the political ring and runs for office, I support them.

In the last six months, two of my sorority sisters and the husband of a friend have run for office.  One beat an incumbent who'd been in office for several terms.  Another beat a long-time mayor but going door to door.

My final friend is running and the election is March 20.  I went to her fundraiser last night, made a donation, promised to craft a press release and send to my contacts and vowed to volunteer.

I never made the run but I'm going to be supportive of those who dare to make the political plunge.

I'm there for them.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Net Generation is the NOW generation

As a tennis FANatic, I have been relishing the US Open Tennis Tournament.  It's been awesome.

But, as of last night when the semi-finals were played, we have two NEW finalists: Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens.

This is so awesome for American women and for black pride.

But, it also signals a shift in the tennis dynasty.  With their victories, the baton is being passed from the Williams sisters to the next generation.

Sloane and Madison are no longer out of a tournament while they watch the Williams Sisters take the trophy and the championship.

The NOW generation is here.

And I applaud them and the power shift.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Even when others pan it, find out for yourself

I decided to try a new podiatrist because my medical network is becoming so filled with foreigners.  I have to strain to understand them.

So, I broke out and decided to see the wife of a guy I used to work with many years ago.

When I told a friend I was going to her, he was lukewarm and criticized her office.  I just didn't want to revert back to my foreign syndicate so I kept my appointment with this podiatrist.

She was WONDERFUL!  Her staff was AWESOME!  She made an accurate prognosis.

And, because she was American, I understood everything she said.  

I liked her and found her delightful and professional.  And, I was glad I found out for myself and didn't rely on that one naysayer.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Enjoyed NABJ

I have attended the National Association of Black Journalists' convention for at least seven years.

With me really semi-retired, people ask me: "Why go?"

I go because I enjoy the uplifting environment of being around so many intelligent, influential and intuitive black people.

The atmosphere is charged because of the dynamic dialogue, inspired conversations and the connections I make.

So, they are right.  I don't attend many sessions.  I don't participate in many of the workshops. I don't go to the galas.

But, I bask in the connections I create, the friendships I renew and the new contacts I make.

It is an exhilarating experience and I savor the entire experience. And, I go home with a whole set of new connections for friendships and for reaching out for those moments when I retire.

It is so much fun and I look forward to next year in Detroit!

Friday, July 28, 2017


My sister and I joke that there is a scandal/drama/hot messes within the Trump administration -- EVERYDAY!

This tumult is so draining and, yes, horrifying!

This nation is teetering on the edge and the players within the Trump administration are so showboat and cutthroat among each other. This is taking America down and demoralizing those of us watching this train wreck.

It is time for us to rise up and keep Trump at bay. If not, his solid 39% -- in collusion with others -- could get him back in office.

And, if that happens, that could mean Trump would be the last person in my life.

I can't let that happen!

Monday, July 24, 2017

I go because I have fun

In a few weeks, I'm going to the National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans.

People think I'm going to go because of all the workshops.


Folks think I'm going because of all of the fabulous speakers. (However, the cast from Queen Sugar will be there and that is a plus.)


And they think I'm going to go because of the contacts.

Well, maybe.

I go because I love the vibes.  I love being around intelligent people.  I love seeing my besties who I only see once a year like Kathy Times, Melanie Burney, Sarah Glover and Charles Gidney

I go because they offer the opportunities to see free movies.

I go to hang with my soror and media friend Maudlyne of the Sun Times.

I go because I can get starstruck seeing all of these media folks I only see on television and I see them upclose.

I go because I love being helpful so I'm going to assist Dorothy Tucker with her campaign.

I go because I get a high, a charge and a good feeling when I'm around all of these dynamic people.

And I go because for a very basic reason:

 I have fun.

Friday, June 30, 2017

So Proud

OK.  I was really in love with this guy about a year ago.  We were almost inseparable for two months.  It was heavenly.

Yes.  He had financial issues but I made sure our dates were low cost like walking, playing tennis, going to free lectures.

It was great!

Then, on July 4th, after a wonderful afternoon, he left and I never heard from him.



I was so hurt.  The last I heard, he was sick so I thought something had happened to him.

Finally, I stopped trying.

Then, about a month ago, he called -- out of the blue.

He announced that he was getting married but that he really enjoyed our time together.

I couldn't understand why he called but, he missed me and wanted to pick up some of the pieces.

But, I told him he had hurt me and I just can't resume anything.  I told him how empty I'd felt and how I had to struggle to get through the days.  While he was romancing a new woman, I was in pain.

It would have been so easy for me to consent.

But I told him "NO."  He had hurt me and I wouldn't let him back in my life -- particularly since he was now engaged.

So, when we hug up, I cried.  But I knew I'd done the right thing.  Seeing him again, with this new entanglement was an invitation for more pain.

So, I hung up and after crying, I congratulated myself for seeing the obvious.

I am so proud to have been strong...not weak.

Monday, June 12, 2017

So much luck - Karma must be shining

Yesterday, my car stopped while parked at Kroc Center. Fortunately, a man parked next to me saw my distress.  He was with his little daughter and enroute to church.  Well, he had cables and immediately got my car started.  I went straight home.

But, I told his little daughter what a great person her dad was to rescue me.  Had he not been there, the day would have been a nightmare.

That made her smile.

Then, the weekend before that, I was in Lynwood, Illinois trying to find a business fair I wanted to attend.  I pulled into a gas station but it was closed.  However, a lady came by to get air in her tires.  I told her about my predicament.  She was trying to describe how to get there but said: "Let me take you there and you can follow me."

Well, thanks for her because getting there was filled with twists, turns and zig zags.  I would have never gotten there without her assist.

I got nicks and hits in life but they vastly outweighs all of the kindnesses.  This is a small example and an example of karma visiting me in positive ways.

I'm blessed.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pen is Mighty

Recently, I had an "encounter" with an inspector from the City where I live.  He ranted and raved and was so disrespectful as he talked about the violations at a rental property I own.

He threatened me with the prospect of a fine and said I'd have to go to court.  He gave me 48 hours to fix the issue.  I did it in 24 hours.

I remained calm throughout this tirade. But I wasn't going to let him get away with talking to me like that.

I got his name, title and wrote a letter to the Mayor. And I mentioned that I'm Vice President of the Library Board where I volunteer.

Next thing I know I get a call from the Mayor's office.  He wants to meet me. And, when I went down to the Housing Department to look into the fine, I was told it was withdrawn because the violation had been handled.

The mean inspector broke the news and he was all contrite.

Hmmm...The power of the pen in action.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Meetings - YUCH!

I swear!  Some folks just like holding meetings to hear themselves talk.

I'm working on a project where the leaders are constantly convening meetings.  During a two-hour meeting yesterday, I realized that the part concerning my role took all of five minutes of time during the meeting.

As soon as it was over, I called the client and said:  Just have them tell me the relevant part that concerns me.  In other words, let me skip the meeting and tell me what to do.

I'll do it.

But. No. Meetings!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Reaching out to Legislators

My friend Lamont Brown is one of many African American males who committed crimes as youth but are haunted by them today.

He is in his mid 40s but committed a drug offense when he was 19.

Since then, he's become a prominent businessman, compelling speaker and role model.

He won office as Alderman of a city that badly needs his type of inspiration.

But, the residents are fighting him because of his youthful indiscretion.

Well, he is a friend and I'm off to Springfield on tomorrow to talk to lawmakers about changing the law so that someone like Lamont can have his record expunged after ten years of good citizenry.

I'm determined to get this law reversed as part of the bigger good.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Regrets? Yes. I have them.

Recently a woman I kinda worked with passed.

We shared a client but provided different services.  Any time we collaborated, we clashed.

At the root of it was my jealousy that my client was so impressed with her and RAVED about her.  Well, he also raved about me but my insecurities came shining through whenever I saw her.  She ignored my her credit.  Her role eventually ended and I had the client "all to myself again."

I was happy....or was I?

About five years ago, she came to my home for an event and, instead of getting huffy, I welcomed her.  I am glad I did.

But I never saw her again.

Then, when I heard she'd passed, I felt and feel terrible.

I have to do better.  I have to put my insecurities aside for my greater good.  And, I'm glad I have learned and matured.

She was good at what she did. I am good at what I do.  Why I couldn't realize that at the time.  Even though the project was completed, it could have gone smoother but for me.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for being better and bigger than me.  I will let your graciousness be my guidepost going forward.

And, I'm sorry.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mourning a child

I'm completely shocked by the murder of Semaj Crosby.

An innocent, beautiful child with sad eyes that told the story.

Through her eyes, she said, "I'm being neglected."  "I'm being abused." "I'm going to die."

As the family put the community on a fake search for her and after the truth came out, I became saddened and hurt.

We've got to do better. Semaj would say that too.

We've got to do better.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Grand Canyon -- AGAIN

So, I leave for the Grand Canyon on Sunday.  This is the 12th consecutive year.

My friends ask:  You're going AGAIN!

Yes, I am.  When you go there and see the grandeur, the majesty and marvel at this natural wonder, it takes your breath away.  This is God in his splendor.

So, yes. I'm going -- AGAIN!

It never gets old!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Saving Money Tip

I'm sharing a little money-saving tip. 

Recently, I was out shopping and stopped in a high-end store. I wasn't going to buy anything but noticed the store was selling vitamins and supplements. The owner tried to sell me Cell Food, which is good for restoration. I was impressed but the price was astronomical. 

When I got home, I went on eBay and the price was half what was selling in the stores. I ordered it and got it yesterday...happy to have it and happy to have saved money.

Friday, March 24, 2017

It's still bad -- or worse -- the second time

Recently, I had a minor health issue.  I'd had it before and tried to recall what I'd done to get on the other side of it.


I took a certain medicine.

It seemed to me that it had made me sick but I wasn't sure.

Then I rationalized that perhaps it wouldn't make me sick this time.

So, I took it.

A few hours later, I was beyond sick.  I was almost wrenching and holding my tummy and weeping.

It took over a day for the medicine to work its way through the system.  But, I remembered one thing:  If it didn't work the first time, you'll get the same outcome the second time -- or worse.

Believe your gut.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Why I travel alone...

Folks always ask me: "Why do you travel alone?"  They think I'm missing out on companionship and fear for my safety.

But, traveling alone has opened up so many opportunities.  I've met people I would have never met.  I've explored haunts I'd have never explored.  I've experienced adventures I'd never would have if I'd been traveling with someone.

I'm quirky.  I'm free spirited. I'm out of the ordinary.

I explored the caves of Rio Secreto near Playa del Carmen -- alone -- and had a BALL!

While at the Grand Canyon, I met two wonderful women -- one a professor at Harvard -- who are lifelong friends.  I ended up visiting them in Martha's Vineyard.  I'd have never met them had I been with a companion.

While on the Chicago Architecture Tour, alone, I met two wonderful women who helped make the trip joyful and memorable.

I went to Cuba alone and had a wonderful time getting to know Havana.

My solo travels began when I wanted to see Red Prysock in Gary, Indiana.  My boyfriend at the time thought Gary was too far away.  So, he passed.  Then, my best friend, at the time, agreed to go...but backed out at the last minute.

Pondering my options, I opted to go ANYWAY.

I had the best time.  I met Red, partied with them, and they brought me up front so I'd have a better view of the action.

I ended up staying until wee hours of the morning.  But I smiled the whole time.

And that is when I started my solo treks.

I could write forever about my adventures.  But, suffice it to say, going alone is not for the meek but if you can get past your fears, you will be fulfilled beyond fulfillment.

I've had friends who want to join me on my trips.  I always find a way to slither out.

The last time I went with friends was a disaster.  I was in Miami during Orange Bowl time.  My boyfriend, at the time, wanted to stay in the hotel and cuddle.  HUH?  I left him in the hotel and explored the city, making new friends and recording new adventures.

When I got back, he had an attitude and I left early for home.

When it comes to my vacays, I don't want to compromise.  I want to do what I do...I want to do me!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Getting to know my hometown

About a year ago, I took a quiz to see how many Chicago landmarks I'd seen or visited.

Out of 50, I'd only gone to about 15.

Since then, that has changed.  Adventurous as I am, I set time out to discover these new places or visit familiar ones.

It has been a whirlwind...but so much fun.

I've visited Wrigley Field, the Botanic Garden, Willis Tower, Billy Goat Tavern, Lou Malnatti's, Northwestern University, Improv Olympics, famous hot dog stands, steakhouses and of course, every Museum.

It has been a blast, educational and so much fun.

I'm doing # 46 tomorrow, taking the Chicago Architecture Tour on a Wendella Boat.  Can't wait to knock another visit off my list.

And, I just discovered a new list: Discovering Chicago's unusual sites.

So, with this 50 almost done and more on the horizon, I'll never get bored.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Three good things

I recently went to an empowering seminar, which are events I like to attend.

A lot of the information is not new but it is always nice to hear it again.

One piece of advice stood out and I have been applying it:

Make a journal and list three good things that happened to you that day.

I started such a journal and it has helped me focus on what good is in life.  Each day, I wait for those three good things and they come in different forms.

When I read the entries back day after day, I smile...I laugh..I am happy.

Friday, March 3, 2017

You'll be respected if you try

OK. I admit it. I'm a senior citizen. But I'm still standing and still rockin' it.

Recently, I went to a Zumba class where there were a lot of younguns there.  They were agile, flexible and supple.  And I'm old.

BUT, I tried.  I was shakin, shimmying, jumping up and down and doing my best to keep up.  During a particularly difficult routine, I nailed it.

When the segment was over, these young girls came up to meet and praised me for doing so well.

The point is:  I tried and they loved me for trying.

Same logic for being in another country and trying to speak the language.  While it may not be perfect, the natives respect you for trying.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Learning How to Deal with Verbal Abuse

I'm reading The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense by Suzette Haden Elgin.  It's given me a lot of tools and strategies that I can use when someone commits a verbal assault against me. Too many times, I've reflected on how I could have handled such an attack better. Thanks to this book, I can hear the cues, detect the words and the subtle direction that a person is taking to twist the knife. Now that I know this, I can take on all verbal attackers!

Friday, February 24, 2017

One Lie

I wanted to help an associate who'd run into a challenge.  I felt her story is worthy of going to the media.

So, I worked by contacts and got an audience with a reporter and a producer.

The problem is that they saw a discrepancy in her story and, it was quite clear, that she had lied about portions of it.

I was embarrassed.

While most of the story is true, the one lie destroyed her credibility.

I can no longer help her.

There was an attorney who once helped a man get out of his jail.  He offered to handle the case for free on one condition:

He can never lie.  The lawyer said if he ever caught him in a lie, he would get off the case.

The guy never lied and the lawyer got him off.

And, so, thinking of that situation, I opted out of helping her.

Never doesn't help.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Gotta give them props

I'm not a Patriots fan.  They have a swag that's annoying.

I'm not a Tom Brady fan.  After he disrespected President Obama  by not showing up when the President saluted the team.

Plus, I don't like Trump...who supported the Patriots.

But, they staged an amazing comeback...coming from almost certain defeat to a triumph.

Well, despite my ill feelings toward the team, I have to give them their props.

Congrats New England Patriots!  What an exciting victory!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Leave your faucet dripping

Whenever I go out of town in the winter, I leave a little drip in my faucet to guard against pipes freezing.  One year, I went to the Caribbean but when I left, it was 40 degrees in Chicago. While there, I noticed that Chicago had gone into a deep freeze. Within an hour of getting home, my pipes burst.  I'm lucky it happened when I got home and that saved me, perhaps thousands of dollars.

So, a tip to the wise is crucial.  A little drip will save you a LOT!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Just because the media shows up doesn't mean....

Well, I helped execute a media campaign recently.  The client was so happy when ABC7 showed up with a camera.  After all, that is the #1 station in the Chicago market.  It was impressive that the cameraman stayed awhile. With such good footage, and with visions of a good news feature, the client salivated.


Until it didn't run.  They tried to blame me but I told them I have no control over what happens when they get back to the newsroom.

Sometimes decisions are made and they may deem that this wash't newsworthy enough to make the cut.

That is, apparently, what happened.  And, there's nothing you can do about it.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Men of Courage - An Association through AKA

So honored to be pulled out of retirement to work on Ford Fund's Men of Courage program.  This is an extension of my work as head of Alpha Kappa Alpha's Communications Committee where I met Cheryl Hudson, whose client is Ford.

She has brought me in on some dynamic campaigns and I'm honored that the association made through Alpha Kappa Alpha has blossomed into a wonderful occasional project.

Friday, January 6, 2017

So what if it's cold

I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden today.  It was 10 degrees and everyone seemed to be surprised that I was going to an outdoor odyssey.  Even when I drove up, the parking attendant wouldn't charge me the $25 because she said there was "nothing to see."

But there was a lot to see.

There were three greenhouses filled with exotic plants, ferns, cacti and everything imaginable.  I spent an hour in the three greenhouses, marveled and took selfies in front of a tangled fern.

Even through the cold, I walked through the gardens and imagined that they were blooming.  I could see the architecture within each garden and that gave me some visualization of what it will be like in the spring/summer.

It was a magical day and nicer because I was almost the only one there.

But I will go back in the spring and summer to see all in full bloom.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The tipping point

I've subscribed to the New York Times for years!  I love this newspaper and spend Sunday reveling in the Sunday Magazine, the "Modern Love" feature, the "36 Hours in..." and so much more.

I've endured the increases in price.

Until this year.

When I got the e-mail that the subscription cost was increasing, it had finally reached the tipping point.

So, I'm cancelling.

But, luckily, I found a great deal that will allow me to get the newspaper at a fraction of the cost -- THANKS TO E-BAY.

So, while the company reached the tipping point, my love for the newspaper, forced me to get resourceful and creative.

Tipping points can yield results.