Monday, April 22, 2019

My Annual Birthday Present -- to ME!

Birthdays are times for celebrations!

And every year I go to visit my sister, Sylvia,  in Arizona for a week of love!

She treats me to gifts, balloons, flowers, dinners, excursions!

What more is there?

And because of all the LOVE, I keep coming back every year.

So, my birthday present to ME is treating me to so much love from sis!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sometimes you just have to tell them

I just finished enduring over a month of recuperating from my toe surgery.  It was a nightmare maneuvering in the cumbersome boot, elevating my foot and just enduring being immobile.

I am on the other side of this and I'm waiting for a full recovery.  But, I've had time to reflect and observe.  I was in dire pain the night of the surgery.  No.  Not dire.  Excruciating.

My doctor had given me pain pills but that was a waste.

So, next morning I called her.  Got her answering service. She never spoke to me but rather had her assistant to call.  I told her to give me a more powerful drug that had helped my sister through a foot surgery. Her response was not helpful as the handover person informed me that the really powerful drug was not something the doctor prescribed.

In other words, deal with the pain 'cause we aren't giving you anything stronger...that works!

At my next appointment, she seemed surprised that she'd said that the assistant was wrong because she does prescribe the powerful painkiller.

I filed this way until my final appointment.

That's when I informed her that she should have called me the night of the surgery -- as a courtesy. Had she done that, I said, she would have known about the prescription and could have given me that.

She listened and I went one step further. I told her she should add the courtesy call to her doctoring must-dos.  This type of "extra" would go far in promoting goodwill and boosting business.

I hope she will do better in the future.