Sunday, August 30, 2015

You'll have to live with that

I've had a condition since I've been in college.  I've worked hard to mitigate it.  Ten years ago, I discovered the reason.  Since then I've been to many doctors.  Most of them said it's a condition I'll have to live with.

I don't accept that.  I will continue to try to find a cure and it is becoming easier to bear.  But I inch closer to finding a way, by attending health seminars, going organic, working with a doctor and a combination of all.  It gets easier as I see daylight.

I may not find a cure but I'll die with my boots on…trying!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lessons from tragedy

When faced with a life-defining tragedy, you might as well risk your life.  I think about those heroes on the train in France.  It is for-certain that this would have been a massacre with many lives lost. So, when those three guys went for it, their rationale is that they were going to die anyway so, they may as well fight for their lives. This is a lesson the parishioners in South Carolina could have learned. One little scrawny white kid mowed down about eight church members and each watched as the others were murdered.  If they'd taken a cue from these train heroes, he could have been taken down and lives would have been saved.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Making good decisions

Over the weekend, I had to make some on-the-spot decisions.

I was at a Festival my town of Markham, Illinois.  was hosting.  It was wonderful, the vibe was great and the atmosphere was magical. There were vendors, there.  Games.  A lot of color and frolicking.  Yet, my Sorority was having a fundraiser that evening.  That meant leaving the Fest, showering, dressing and heading into the City.

I stayed with the Festival.  It's my hometown.  The Mayor just appointed me to the Library Board.  And, my Mayor David Webb, Jr., is GREAT! And, I was relaxed in my jeans.  Plus, I got to meet some of my neighbors.  It was GREAT!

Then, on Sunday, I pondered going on my 3.7 mile walk.  It's too hot, I complained.  But, I went anyway with the silent vow that if it got too much, I could turn around.  Much of the trail is enveloped in trees and the breeze was soothing.  Before I knew it, I'd finished the walk.

I'm glad I resisted the urge to stay home.  Two great decisions.  I'm on a ROLL!