Monday, January 13, 2020

Paying on time puts you at the front of the line and uppermost on the radar

Recently, a new staff member took my weekly order for an item I order frequently. She stated that I'd missed the deadline by an hour and she couldn't take it.

Humph, I thought.  Now, I'm a good customer.  I pay on time.  I'm always courteous.

So, I thanked her and called back and asked for my usual customer service rep, who'd been promoted.  Because I'm a good customer, I felt I should be accorded the trappings and benefits that reliability affords.

With no hesitation, he put my order in and confirmed with the e-mail.  Within 15 minutes, the former rep called back with an apology and with a promise to treat me with the type of respect and adoration that a long-time, faithful customer deserves.

So, there!