Monday, October 28, 2019

Back in the mix

Well, my chapter (Theta Omega of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority) asked me to run for  PR and marketing chairman -- a volunteer position. Since I'd served in that role for the international organization, I felt it would be demeaning to run and campaign.

That was a condition.

The Nominating Committee told me that I had no competition.

One hurdle cleared.

Plus, I've been basking in my retirement life and didn't really want to work hard.

So, the former chairman called who informed me that I can set my own schedule and the tasks should revolve around what I want to do.

Second hurdle cleared.

Then, while this isn't a hurdle, they praised me and lifted me up and appealed to me because they have a need and I was the only one with the qualifications to really help the chapter soar.

With that genuine appeal, I was all in.

So, I'm back in the mix. Not making money but, hopefully, I'll make a difference.

Monday, October 21, 2019

The pleasure and perils of international travel

I just got back from South Africa....Cape Town.  I visited Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned and I saw the majesty of Table Mountain and the serene animals on a safari.  I also dined at Gold Restaurant, a totally eclectic establishment with a unique take on service.  Instead of one big meal, patrons get a taste of everything on the menu...including Ostrich salad, a Ghanian peanut chicken and more.

It was delightful.

What I didn't like was the long....LOOOOOONG plane ride.  I knew it would be but being in that space was brutal.  My seat mates were fine but on the final leg, a mother with two bratty kids joined me in my row.  They were running and crawling up and down the aisle and the mother had no control over them.

I got no sleep.

My brother says that the answer is to seat in first class.  That may bust my budget but worth considering since that was the only downer to an otherwise-memorable trip.