Monday, September 26, 2011

Broaden your horizon when you are in a city for work

MELODY'service recently did the Public Relations for Alpha Kappa Alpha's Public Policy Conference, which attracted coverage from Radio ONE, WHUR, the Washington Post and

While in the City, I took the opportunity to see the King Memorial. But equally important, I visited the Newseum and got some rare insight into the broad historic spectrum of the news. It was fascinating and made me appreciate the importance of going into a city and seeing all that it has to offer.

I was the ultimate beneficiary as my horizons were broadened and my perspective widened.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hosting social events - an investment that pays dividends

On Labor Day, I hosted a Lunch on the Lawn and invited clients and media contacts. It was an investment that will have long-term dividends and something that you should include in your marketing plan.

And, I even had fun watching everyone else mingling and having a good time.

And, mind you. Even if they can't attend, the goodwill continues because you extended the invitation and found another way to reach out to prospects and clients.

That's an all-around winner.