Saturday, May 30, 2015

Don't Burn Your Bridges

In an earlier post, I referenced my high-end and low-end hair stylist.  The one in the hood actually does a great job of doing my hair but the atmosphere is not inspiring. It is noisy, peddlers come in selling street wear, mothers bring their children who can't stop making noise and/or fighting one another.  So, it is not a place for the intellectual.  Plus, my stylist is always glum, barely speaks and I've never seen her smile.  On the other hand, my high-end salon is airy, the fragrance is enticing.  Roses are everywhere, small crepe-like sandwiches dot the corners and the place just makes you smile when you walk in. So,  I made an appointment with the stylist who is good….but not as good as my hood stylist. So, I booked it!  Wouldn't you know that my high-end stylist couldn't change my appointment when a conflict came up on my end.  I am glad I didn't burn my bridge with my other one.  I called her, made the appointment and when I got there, Girlfriend actually had a half smile on her face.  Yea, it was loud.  And, yea, there were babies running around but I just closed my eyes, pretended I was at the other place and drowned it out.  My hair was lovely and looked like it had been done in a high-end salon.  Grateful that I never burned my bridges with her.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I want some atmosphere

I get my hair done every two months.  A few months ago, I tried a new stylist who is EXCELLENT!  Problem is, her salon is in the heart of the hood with all kinds of folks walking in and out hawking stuff. The customers have young babies they can't control.  Their conversations are filled with expletives. I close my eyes to shut out the view and try to get in Zen mode to shut out the noise

BUT, the stylist is good and I love the end result.  Plus, her fee is 30% less than the high-end spa.

However, I'm going to return to my regular salon which is part of a spa.  The atmosphere is soothing with flowers and aroma wafting through the air.  The clientele is elegant and coffee is served with pastries.

OK.  I'll miss the talented stylist but when I get my hair done…I want some atmosphere -- no matter the cost!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Continue to learn

Even though I'm a senior and content, I continue to seek out sources where I can be better and learn.

Recently, I've taken up meditation.  I've always been fascinated with it and found yoga to be a wonderful way to relax.  Then, I saw Russell Simmons' book on it and I bought it.

Now, I've entered the wonderful world of meditation…being quiet…going inward.

I can't say I've mastered it but I feel that this is a positive path I want to pursue.

And I'm doing it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

And a second opinion

In addition to the second test, get a second opinion. I went for a hearing test after getting a plugger in the mail for a free test.  Note the word FREE.

After it was completed, the doctor said I was hearing impaired and outlined a host of products I should get to correct the problem.  I actually started pulling my budget together in my head but kept it moving. Then, I went to a presentation at a library where I was given another hearing test.

At its conclusion, the audiologist was amazed at my excellent hearing and complimented me.

Enough said.  I can take those ear implants off my to-buy list.

Yes…Always get a second opinion.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Get a second TEST

I recently went to the doctor and got the proverbial blood pressure screening while I was there.

She hooked up the new technological machine and I was good to go. I was SHOCKED that it was so high -- almost near the dangerous zone -- as I usually don't have a problem with blood pressure.

The doctor examined me and mentioned the numbers with a concerned look on his face.  He finished the physical and vowed to "watch it" or I'd have to go on medication.

Just as I was about to leave the examining room, I asked the nurse to come in and render the test again -- but not via the machine.

My number went down by 30 points on the first number and 19 on the second.

That ended the concerned looks and the admonitions.

And, I was glad I'd insisted on getting a second test.  The anxiety would, truly, have zoomed by blood pressure to catastrophic levels!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Do something different

Going outside of your comfort zone can be so therapeutic.

Last night I went to the Mayweather/Pacquaio (sic) fight -- ALONE!  It was showing at a local bar.

Although I didn't fit in, I had a ball being part of the raucous atmosphere.  A hostess saw me looking all odd and she treated me to a drink.  I tipped her well.

Buried among the fans, I reveled in being caught up in the emotions of a major fight.  It was a wonderful feeling to take a new path.

As I left, I was happy that I decided to Do something different."

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Admit the error and..Just eat the crow

A friend of mine is conflicted about an error she made in a public venue.  She's trying to spin her way out of this mess.

As a PR practitioner, she asked for my advice.

I told her to admit the error, eat the crow and move on.  Just say, "I made a mistake."

With that, the crisis will end…the digging will stop and a quick mea culpa will show her bravery and will end it all.

Anything less will make her appear flaky, slick and untrustworthy.

I've learned that crow can taste good too.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The pen is...

Everyone knows how that ends.  The pen is mightier than the sword.

Recently, and as a past post can attest, I had an incident with a tour guide who didn't treat me well.  I was silent through the indignity.

But, when I was in a steady place/space, I wrote a letter of complaint. It was measured but succinct and outlined the incident in detail.

I've always been one who writes letters, whether the treatment was bad or good.  And, when someone thinks they are shutting me down by saying "Put it in writing," they have actually given me the ammunition.

That's why I wrote the letter.

Yesterday, I found out that the tour guide was fired. Now that was not my intent but, the manager said there had been other complaints and my letter was the final straw.

While I don't like to see someone lose a job, if he was creating problems for the company and my letter was the tipping point, then he was best gone.

On top of that, the owner refunded half of my tour price. So, one letter yielded so many results.

And, it supports the oft-repeated assertion that the pen is….