Monday, August 20, 2012

Go anyway

Recently, I oversaw the entire publication of a Memorial Service for a client who lost his mother.  He was extremely difficult through the process...very mean spirited and unkind.  I just held my breath and attributed it to the recent death of his mother.  So, I soldiered through.  But I was so disenchanted that I almost stayed away.

But I didn't.  I attended the Memorial Service and the client spent several minutes praising and extolling me about what a great job I had done. Everyone there came up to me with hugs about how the program comforted the family.  And, several took my business card.  So, while the process was difficult, he was more than gracious and made me (almost) forget the horrible experience of working with him under those circumstances.

But I'm glad I decided to....go anyway.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and all social media are changing the face of selling.  Recently, I used Craigslist and other outlets to rent a house that I own.

VOILA!  Found great tenants.  Before I resorted to Facebook.... I'd advertise in the Sun Times for mucho bucks.  This didn't cost a thing.  And, I'm using these outlets more with client needs..

So use it and save money!