Friday, December 8, 2017

37 years later...RECOGNITION

Yesterday, I was recognized by a mover and shaker in a tribute that surprised -- but humbled -- me.

I hired her when she first moved to Chicago and she did a great job.  I, however, moved on and rarely saw her.

But, she opened her own business and ascended in the business world -- leaving me WAY behind.

She was honored last night and she reached out to me to attend.  She overnighted a ticket to me.

Well, with it being such an upscale event, and because she'd reached out...of course, I went.

At the height of recognition, she stopped to salute those who'd helped me along the way.

Much to my utter surprise, she paid tribute to me and hailed me for the knowledge I'd passed on to her.

I was flabbergasted as the entire room trained their eyes on she told me to stand.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you get your due.

And, I was happily surprised but glad that my professionalism and mentoring, helped propel her.

I felt proud and today, feel the aftereffects of that.

Feels kinda good.

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Rumors -- ARE TRUE!

Today, my former Mayor, David Webb, was indicted for a scheme where he was given kickbacks from contractors in return for business.  This had been rumored but, I couldn't believe it.

I've always liked him and he appointed me to the Library Board, where I have done well.

But, if the charges are true, then he has put a black mark on the City of Markham, which I've grown to love.

I pray that these charges are false....for the sake of the good people in the City...and for former Mayor Webb.