Monday, June 24, 2013

A comp is an investment in the future

I love giving gifts.  Recently, I was given a comp ticket to a wonderful jazz-inspired event.  I'd met the executive director at a function and we had such a great meeting that she offered me two tickets.  Well, I found out what she liked and then bought it and put it in a pretty package and presented it to her at the event.  In addition, I also bought raffle tickets and pitched for one of the auction items.  So, the gift giving and the donations are my contributions.  Plus, you can be sure I'll support this event next year. So, this comp ticket is an investment in my support of this event next year.

Monday, June 17, 2013

When you're not paid, get creative

For three years, I worked with a client that had difficulty paying.  However, for the first two years, I was paid -- although slowly.  Because of the nobility of the mission, I continued in the third year.  That was the end the sponsorships fell through and I wasn't paid.

I thought about suing because we had a signed contract.  However, because she was struggling, I opted not to.

So, to recoup some of the losses, we abided by IRS laws to convert some of what was owed into a donation to the charity.  So, that helped allay some of the downside of not being paid.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fund Me, Kick starter

Lately, I've gotten more requests for money from these various outlets asking for help with a mortgage, to get a book published, to build a playground, to help with an event.

It seems this is the trend.  It is best to vet these thoroughly and not be lured by the urge to help.  I helped a friend on the verge of foreclosure who needed $20,000 but only raised $675.  So, my money goes to waste. I had resolved that I'd lose the money so I wasn't upset.  But, it was a waste of money that I'll never get back. So, she's onto foreclosure.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Respect a company trying to do the right thing

I recently bought a refurbished printer from an outlet that does that sort of thing.

When it arrived, the print was smudged, meaning I couldn't use it.

I called ready to do battle with the company. The owner was so accommodating and nice and so customer-service oriented.  He took care of the problem and refunded the money and was very apologetic.  I melted and... As a result, I've decided to find a way to do business with him again. That is the upside of doing the right thing in business.