Monday, October 29, 2012

Trying to stay above the rudeness

Recently, I gave a presentation and the client was rude during it...flailing her arms wildly and interrupting and reminding me of the time.  I had five minutes and :30 seconds into it, she was tapping her watch with exasperation.

I did my best to stay composed and on message but I failed.

That was a bad experience and I was totally embarrassed.  I was gracious but made to look bad in front of those I love and respect.

I was told that, in the future, ignore this rudeness and keep it movin.  My Toastmasters Club said they will wave their arms, talk over me and be rude the next time I give a speech so I can exhibit discipline and keep the speech movin'.

Rudeness comes in many forms and I was chastened that one time.  But not again.  Another life lesson learned and another strategy to deploy if it happens again.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Supporting your friends -- even when it's hard

A friend of mine recently had a launch party for a new product.  Unfortunately, it rained -- monsoonlike -- the night of the rollout.  Of course, I had a perfect excuse.  But I know that these are the times when friendship counts.  So, I braved the crazy weather, got to the event and a hearty, but small, group was there.  She was so appreciative...even with tears in her eyes.  But, I'm sure she'll remember that I was there -- even though it took everything in me to get there.  And, I'm sure she'd have understood that I didn't make it.  But, I was there and glad I'd made the extreme effort.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't get in the way

If someone is doing a great job and you're called in to take over the project, let them continue on it.  A major personality in Chicago launched a crusade and called me too late to make any difference.  So, someone else assumed it on the spot.  While it wasn't as polished as what I do, it did capture some great media hits.  When the client asked me to take it over, I advised him that this person had done the heavy lifting and should continue to do so.  These hostile takeovers can compromise a great campaign so I stepped get and didn't get in the way.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Keep copies

Just a tip:

Keep copies of your passport, credit cards and all other documents.  Over the weekend, a document was lost.  Normally, I'd panic.  BUT I'd made copies so it was a simple effort to re-order because I'd heard that tip and moved on it.

So, I lost only about 15 minutes in stress as opposed to an hour or more I'd have consumed if I hadn't followed this tip.