Friday, October 20, 2017

Maybe Mr. Trump will learn a lesson about expressing regret -- BLACK STYLE

My Sorority, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

The way President Trump expressed regret was callous, insensitive and disgusting.  Trump has a coterie of people around him who can give him the words, the sentiment and the approach when a hero has made the ultimate sacrifice and his widow has to be comforted.

Trump doesn't have empathy or the ability to be compassionate, comforting or caring during a time when softness is required.

He should write someone write the letter ....someone who has the touch, the sensitivity and the capacity to show authentic caring.

Someone like ME!

Monday, October 16, 2017

You never know

A schoolteacher was recently murdered in Chicago in a drive by shooting.

She was the unintended target.

About a year before that, a black woman was walking out of Starbucks on 35th Street and was killed when she got caught in the middle of gunfire.

She was an innocent bystander.

Both of these victims were living their lives...unaware that they would be gunned down and their lives snuffed out so innocently.

We cannot control these deadly deed but we can cherish life more. Embrace those you love more. Smile. Laugh. Live life to the fullest...daily.

You never know when a stray bullet, a drunken driver, an unexplained happenstance, will end your life.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Karma is a ______

Couldn't help but be amused by the reporter who was "so-called" insulted by Cam Newton who some thought he belittled. I didn't think much of it and couldn't understand the clamor.

But, then, the reporter went in for the kill to really scald Cam and take him out.

But, Karma was lurking.

Come to find out that she'd written some offensive/racial tweets that put her on the defensive.

How soon your plan is foiled and how quickly you're exposed.

Now, she's hurriedly apologizing in the way she wanted Cam to wallow in Apologyland.

Karma....It's a ________.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Let us pray

I just woke up to the horrific news about the massacre in Las Vegas.

It is 24/7 coverage!  It is scary!

This tragedy only underscores the importance of the serendipitous nature of life.

You never know.  You can never predict. You can never prepare.

In this world where violence comes out of nowhere, you can only be vigilant while continuing to live your life.

You must set to each day as if your days are numbered so, be conscious of how you carry yourself...of the legacy you are leaving behind.

Today, could be your last day.

Be prayerful and careful.