Saturday, February 28, 2015

Don't quit

I'm working on a project and the client has been extremely -- EXTREMELY -- difficult.  She has been so infuriating that I've thought, many times, of quitting.  However, this is a short term project and I've been creating games to get me to the finish line.  If it were a long-term project, I'd work to get out of it.  But not on this one. My reputation keeps me from quitting but it stays on my mind.  But,  I would take a bigger hit so I keep saying "Don't quit."  But, I've advised my friends/associates to take me out on Michigan Avenue for a beat down if I ever work with her again.  So there!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Look on the upside because it could have been worse

I was in St. Maarten recently and had a GREAT time. However, upon my return, my water was off from the dreadful cold. Foolishly, I forgot to keep the water dripping slightly while I was away.

Then, the pipes burst!

While I was wallowing in self pity, I thought about how lucky I was that this happened right after I returned home.  Had it happened while I was away, I'd have come up to a catastrophe: a house upended, dealing with insurance, justifying the costs, losing possessions, losing my center.

Then I thought how lucky I was.  I was able to get it fixed, albeit for a price.  But the price of the repair  way outweighed what it could have been.

So, I decided to look on the upside…because it could have been worse!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Don't rub it in

Well, I'm off to vacation in St. Maarten.  It's 31 degrees in Chicago and I'm going to where it will be 81.

So, I'm tempted to make those who'll be in the snow a tad bit jealous.

But, to be a friend and considerate, I'll limit posting the pictures of me having fun and I'll keep the noise down about how NICE it is here.

In other words, I will be careful and won't rub it in.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Take advantage of the snow

OK.  It's Sunday, February 1 and it is snowing…snowing…snowing.  I have a Super Bowl Party I probably won't attend but I won't be down about it.

I have a lot of unfinished tasks in the house and books and magazines I want to catch up on.  And, if I'm so inclined, I'll bask in the beauty of this snow by tipping out and just marveling at the beauty of nature since I am surrounded by a lot of tress and live in the center of nature.

So, I won't moan. I won't complain.  I'll celebrate!