Monday, November 16, 2020

Dude's gotta go!

These words from Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris regarding Donald Trump refusing to concede -- and horrifyingly refusing to leave the office -- captures my outrage exactly.

Let's end this nightmare.  Or will we have to drag him out kicking and screaming -- ghetto style?

Just asking!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Bye Trump

 I cannot express enough my





Delight seeing Trump get defeated.

After four years of crazy, it's time to return to what Trump would call "Boring."

I call it return to sanity...return to normal...return to kindness...return to everything good.

With that prospect, I have two words:

Bye Trump.

Monday, November 2, 2020

If you're a victim of a crime, you're on your own

I was recently a victim of a crime.  I went out to my car at the wee hours to retrieve something. When I noticed the light was flashing because a door was opened, I discovered a man sleeping in my car.

I screamed, ran into the house and called the police. By the time they got there, he was gone.  But, in his haste to get away, he left his cell phone. That was the clue that got him arrested.

He is a 29-year-old long-time criminal with a long rap sheet and a reputation in the area that makes him well known to the police.  I shuddered thinking that I could have been killed since it was only the two of us. 

But, this new trend to give the thugs a break extended to this case. When I went to court, he was a no-show. When I asked the State's Attorney what would happen, she was lackadaisical. It was a minor crime and he'd probably get court supervision,  I pointed out that he has a long rap sheet and needs to be put away.

The answer was a yawn.

Somewhere in the middle of that conversation, I realized that when it comes to criminals getting time for their crimes, those entrusted -- and elected -- to keep me safe are not going to watch out for citizens. You're on your own.

Monday, October 19, 2020

All you can do is....

 Say "I'm sorry!"

Last week, I posted a snarky tweet responding to another tweet.  In less than a minute, I realized I'd made a mistake.  I tried to delete it but, I was too late.

So, I was called out in a BIG way.

The only thing I could do was say "I'm sorry!" 

That reminds me to be more thoughtful when posting. Read what you wrote. Reflect on its consequences.  Either post it if you're convinced it's GOOD TO GO!

If there's any doubt, don't send it...don't post it..don't press the send/tweet button.

It will save you a lot of regret and will keep you from eating a little crow. 

Monday, October 5, 2020


 Since January 20, 2017 when Trump was inaugurated, it's been high drama EVERYDAY!

He's divided the country...ruptured it!

Now, he's got COVID and that hasn't slowed him down.

With all the scandals, the divisiveness, the deceit, the chicanery, the hysteria, the mean tweets and foolishness, it's time for him to go!

We can't take four more years.  




Monday, August 24, 2020


I couldn't sleep so I decided to work.  Problem is:  I'd left my notes in my car.  So, at 4AM, I went to my car to retrieve the notes.

I was shocked to see a man in my car rummaging around...stealing items from the car.

I startled him but he startled me more.  I screamed, bolted into the house and called the police.

They came right away and, naturally, the intruder had left.  I discovered he'd gotten in and out of the house via the garage window.

Then, we discovered the big find:  He'd left his cellphone.

With that, the police are moving to apprehend and arrest this thug.

I intend to testify and pray that he doesn't get a slap on the wrist.

Criminal behavior begins with acts like these.  If he's not punished, his acts will escalate!

But, it was a frightening experience!

Monday, August 17, 2020

So proud of Kamala

 On so many levels, there are reasons to be proud of Vice President Kamala Harris. 

She's diverse.  Unlike the other female VP nominees (Ferraro and Palin), she has so many ethnic strands running through her veins.

She's smart.  Listen to her.  Watch her. Question answered.

She's a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.  WOW!  She's my Soror and she 'gets' it. 

She's relatable. She's approachable and can relate at every level.

She's probing.  If you have any doubt about that, ask Attorney General Barr and former Attorney General Sessions who were both grilled by her to their detriment.  They were both flustered.

She's beautiful.  In these days when being telegenic helps, Kamala Harris exceeds expectations.

And I'll be happy to call her Vice President.