Monday, December 30, 2013

Be strong on social media

Recently, I've led or participated in a few threads whose subjects are rather controversial.

I have been shocked at the taunts, lack of civility, meanness and cruelty that occurs when those on the thread think you're WRONG. There is no middle ground with some of these "haters."  But, you must be strong, maintain your position and if it gets too snarky, just leave it alone. It just isn't worth it.

I read somewhere of a guy who thinks folks who stay on Facebook all day trolling and commenting, are boring and don't have great lives.  When I was at the other end of that venom, I thought of his statement.

When I was under siege, I maintained my cool, stayed strong to my position and withstood the onslaught.

But, when I dip my toe in this territory again, I will think long and hard about whether it's worth it to engage.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Leverage your power

I've been banking at Chase since forever.  So, I have established credibility.  But, last week, an employee didn't provide a document for me.

I went into complaint mode, threatened to pull every cent and just flexed my muscles.

I contacted the former manager whose excellent customer service convinced me to bank there and add $$$ and accounts there.

She took care of the problem.  Not only did she get on this errant employee with no customer service skills, but she came by the bank and provided the service.

Had she not intervened, I'd have changed banks.

My applause to Sheena Bankston who is the quintessential example of a professional par excellence who understands the value of going beyond -- and then beyond -- the call of duty to be an example of and to exhibit awesome customer service.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Just say no - You're worth it

I was invited to a relative by marriage's house for Thanksgiving.  Last year, it was a nightmare because one her brothers is a former resident of the penitentiary system -- as in a former prisoner.  I had to be careful what I said and gentle about my questions until I didn't have a great time.  Plus, he was in for a serious crime so I was a little queasy.

I know you're supposed to be charitable around the holidays but, this year, I reflected on last year and decided it was an opportunity for ME time so I decided to "JUST SAY NO."

After all, I believe I'm worth it.  Instead, I spent the day with good friends and had a wonderful, marvelous time.  So, sometimes, being around relatives is not always the answer.