Monday, June 30, 2014

Join in!

I tend to be a loner…opting to be a free spirit rather than follow the crowd. Having a lot of folks in your life can both enrich it but also complicate it.  However, it is fine to do group activities.  I was invited to participate in a 5K walk and said YES.  I had a ball, got even giddy.  Realized that it is uplifting to be around people and enjoying group events.

Gotta keep doing this!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Be gracious

I'm about to leave a position I've had for eight years.  I will be honored for my longevity and for taking the agency to new heights.  After all, I have been there for two administrations.

I am tempted to talk about the ups and downs of my tenure, including the slights. As much as I'd like to slam my detractors, that would not be the time.  At the banquet I will be gracious and accentuate the positive.

It's better that way.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Let it go - do it anyway

Over a year ago, I had a big blow up with a friend.  We both held to our positions and we both thought we were right.

On May 28, he celebrated his birthday.  We haven't spoken in a year.  I'm not sure that I want the same type of intense relationship/friendship because of what came to pass between us.  However, on some level, I miss him.

So, I made the gesture and sent him an e-card for his birthday.  He responded asking how I'm doing.  I responded, via e-mail:  GREAT!

We haven't corresponded since and he hasn't reached out.  But I'm glad I opened the door to restore some semblance of a friendship anyway.  Yes, I let it go and reached out anyway.

And I feel good about it.  It's great therapy and cleansing to let it go.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Praise to Serena Williams for being a loyal friend

I don't often stray from business-related posts, but Serena Williams' loyalty as a friend got my attention. Hence, I'm devoting this to her.

Serena is Caroline Wozniacki's friend, although they are competitors on the court. Recently, Caroline was dumped unceremoniously by golfer Rory McIlroy. After she'd sent out invitations and tried on bridal dresses, he got cold feet.  Well, at least he didn't leave her at the altar. He ended the marriage plans -- and the relationship.  She tweeted her pain out and asked for friends to walk with her.  Serena promised she would.

Regretfully, both lost early at the French Open.  It was particularly hard for Caroline because Rory won his post-breakup tournament.  Caroline, probably more in pain, lost in the first round so she didn't get any vengeance on him.

After they were both knocked out early, I saw in the news where Serena and Caroline were hangin' out in Miami, at a Heats game, on the beach, doing girly stuff. I'm sure Serena's company helped cushion the sting of this public dumping and I have nothin' but love for Serena for truly walking with Caroline.