Monday, September 24, 2012

It's about business

I have two rental homes and I finally cleared out both tenants who hadn't paid...although they are nice.  However, I've decided to become stricter and, to that end, have done my own renting.  Being a softie, I've heard sob stories about why credit is bad.  I'm inclined to be compassionate but now it's not about a convincing story or explanation, it's about business.  So, no matter how sweet and compelling the person, I've got to go with the credit check and with the sweetie pies, the verdict is:  DON'T RENT TO THEM.  THEY HAVE BAD CREDIT.  No more being nice and spending time in court trying to get them out.  Now, it's about business!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Facebook or Face time?

I was in the neighborhood of an elderly friend visiting a prospect.  I decided to pop in on her while I was close to her.

She was delighted.  We had a great time and I relished in her gratitude and seeing another dimension of her.

When I asked her if she was on Facebook and perhaps we could be friends, she said:

"Forget Facebook...I want face time!"

Now that is worth pondering.  While Facebook and other social media outlets are great, I concur with my friend:  Seeing someone in person is better than via Facebook.  It's hard and time consuming but, where possible, try face time.