Monday, March 31, 2014

Let it go!

I recently worked on a campaign for a friend I love and admire.  Also helping was a woman I'd had problems with in the past.  I started to be chilly towards her but didn't remember what the original problem was about.  As we coordinated to work toward the goal of our candidate winning, I gained an appreciation for her and was sorry we'd had this standoff.  As a result, we've restored our friendship and mutual admiration.  To make matters better, our candidate won so there was a victory on a multitude of levels.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Send via REAL MAIL

I recently attended Alpha Kappa Alpha's  Southeastern Regional Conference.  Two members were assigned to me as my escorts.  They were gracious, efficient and on point.  They kept me on time and, informed on each activity. At the same time, they provided me space to wander off on my home, since I'm a free spirit. I gave each one a gift to show my appreciation.   After I got home, I told them I would let their bosses know -- including the BIG BOSS -- how pleased I was with them.  They sent me back e-mail addresses.  I told them I want REAL addresses so I could send the letters in the mail. In this day of social media, e-mails, voice mails and messages via text, it is more meaningful to get a real the mail.  I still get a thrill from going to the mail box and opening the mail.  I'm sure the compliments I sent in the mail about them carried a bigger punch because of the time and effort invested to send it in the mail.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Adrienne Pope-Kelly Washington

I'm going to take a point of privilege as the blogger here to single out a special lady:  She is Adrienne Pope-Kelly Washington, the Regional Director for Alpha Kappa Alpha's Southeastern Region.  She is very witty, very generous in spirit and the absolute epitome of a leader.  I've worked with her for four years and am amazed at how deftly she handles a meeting.  She is always gracious...but firm.  Adoring but resolute in her approach to running her region. And, she is creative and humble. Those in her region LOVE her and, while I'm not in that region, I can be counted as among those who love her.  This is a special SHOUT OUT to Adrienne as she begins the final three months of her term.  She is AWESOME, PRICELESS, KIND and WONDERFUL as in A P-K Washington.