Monday, January 1, 2018

Greatest find in 2017 -- Greatest Achievement

This is not what you'd expect to be on the list but, as I reflect, these two items keep bubbling to the top.

The first is the discovery that I had GPS on my cellphone -- for YEARS!  I went to a Personal Trainer in Wilmette. She was giving me directions on how to get back home but insisted I must have GPS.  I told her "NO."  I always printed out directions from MapQuest and struggled to drive and read.

She looked at my phone and said:  THERE IT IS.  It was under MAPS.

Since discovering that, my life has been easier navigating to different places.  It's been a life saver.

The second "Achievement" was rebuffing the pleas of an ex-boyfriend to see me. You see, he left unceremoniously without a word --leaving me hanging, bewildered and hurt.  Nine months later, he called.  But, by this time, he had a fiancĂ©. He wanted to connect and I refused. I told him he'd hurt me in the worst way and refused to meet or connect. I loved this man and wouldn't play the game.

And, while it would have been easy to see him, meet on the quick and become the "side chick," I wouldn't.

It was hard...but worth it for my self esteem.  Had I given in, that would have been another series of hurts and I love Melody too much.

So there.