Saturday, January 30, 2016

Will miss my friend as he begins a new chapter in his success journey

Mack McGhee entered my life about 12 years ago as a member of Toastmasters.  He was dynamic, fresh and eager to learn.  I took him under my wing and supported him through his triumphs and tragedies.  When he won on the district level, I was there.  When he lost on the regional level to a man who'd win the international contests, I was there.

When his mother and father died, I was there quietly in the background softly consoling.

I helped get his name out to the world and his rare talent and charisma by getting him on TV, in newspapers and cementing his brand.

I helped promote the Manhood Development Camp that earned him good media, including a prominent piece in the Chicago Sun Times.  The Camp was a success and he was the face of that success!

Now, he will be the superintendent of the Youth Center in Washington, DC.  He's being uprooted for an opportunity that will truly propel him to the heights of success.

Since he called me his mother, our  bond is set and secure. I'll watch from afar with pride knowing that I'd played a part in his inevitable success.

And I'll quietly pray for his well being as he begins this new journey.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lightning didn't strike twice

Well, went to the Travel and Tourism Show…hoping to get a complimentary room (suite) as I did last year.  No luck.  The booth was giving out tickets to a hockey game! So, there was a downgrade.  But, I did enjoy myself, rode an old-fashioned bike and heard a terrific lecture by Peter Greenberg, which I plan to, immediately, incorporate into my travel MO.  So, it was a great time and, I seriously didn't think I'd get another trip.  But, it's worth the effort!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Will lightning strike twice?

Last year I went to the Travel and Tourism Show and won an overnight stay at the hotel of my choice.  I selected the Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I go there every year to be with my sister during my born day.  Well, the room was a luxury suite and I was overwhelmed with all the perks and the spaciousness.

Well, tomorrow, I'm going to the Show again.  Hopefully, I'll have good luck again.  If not, I'll just enjoy as it is one of my favorite events.

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 18, 2016

How about showing concern?

More on this robbery.

In addition to the uncaring police, the insurance agent who'd sought my business, showed no concern.

I called her the night of the incident but she was busy. She didn't call back.

Then, I had concerns about the way I called in the claim.  She seemed to mock me for making two claims.  However, she did give me a # for claims management.

They were helpful and wonderful and salvaged the company's reputation for me.

But, the agent still hasn't called as a follow up.

My sister, the customer service diva (as I am) says the days of good customer service are over.

So, I become nothing but a revenue stream after she chased me for my business.  So, she'll get no referrals from me because when it counted, she showed no concern.

Friday, January 8, 2016

I was a victim of a crime

On Tuesday, I was at home resting when I heard a thunderous noise…and then another one.

I got up and went to the source of the noise!  Someone had hurled a snowball into my window -- shattering the glass. They also hit two other windows.

I was shattered as well.  But, what made it worse was the incompetent police who made crazy conclusions including their contention that a friend who'd come into the house must have been the perpetrator.

That was a ridiculous conclusion!

Then, I had to contact the insurance but the deductible is so high until I'll have to absorb the entire cost.

His wild assumptions rattled me even more.  The next day, I wrote a letter to the officer outlining suggestions and debunking his conclusions.

I'm still cleaning up but I am lucky that I can absorb these costs.  Those who live in inner cities and are fearful of getting robbed, have to deal with this on a daily basis.

So, I count my blessings while setting the record straight.

This too shall pass!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brrrr! It's winter

It's that time of year when it takes extra effort to get out and brave the cold.

This morning, I went to get my newspaper in freezing weather and went through quite a ritual to get out.  But I made it.

During these frigid winter days, it is time to catch up with reading, discover a new television station (I discovered BBC) and call old friends.

Yea, it's winter and it's cold.  But, by applying yourself, you can discover new things, new outlooks and indoor adventures.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reconnecting feels so good

I have a friend who I've been estranged from for over four years.  Ours was a strong bond and she really set me on a path to success within a certain network. We "separated" for political reasons -- something she didn't understand and I couldn't communicate to her because of the emotional fog.  I wanted to reach out to her but too much hurt had occurred and I felt it would be better if she did.  In that four years, she'd endured many challenges -- all I witnessed from my safe perch. About two weeks ago, I got a call…looked on the caller ID -- it was HER!  Carefully, I answered. She was direct: "It's time to talk!"

I knew it would be hard but I scheduled lunch. I got there early -- with flowers -- and arranged to pay the meal upfront so that awkwardness of reaching for the check would not occur.

She's been through a lot and I got some clarity on what led to her troubles.  Some of it was self inflicted and some the result of a climate of hate, jealousy, and a scary resolve to GET HER BACK for a slight.

We talked frankly, honestly and brutally -- at times.  It was cathartic and I held my position.  I don't think she understood but, somewhere, I think there was a glimmer that she 'got' why I did what I did.  Eventually, the power of the friendship we had took over. We found some common ground and agreed on what we could.

In the end, we hugged and the bond is being -- slowly -- repaired.  In 2016, I hope to restore and build on that.

Friday, January 1, 2016

It's a New Year! Let it go!

Holding a grudge about something you can’t even remember?  With the New Year, it’s time to leave all of that behind in the past year.  A new year means a chance to restart, reboot, recharge.  Start by reaching out to the “grudgee” and let it go.  Then, forgive yourself.  You’ll feel lighter with the weight of that grudge lifted.  And, if you feel another grudge brewing in your psyche, shut it down before it gets life.  Start anew and keep the newness yearround.