Friday, May 27, 2016

Someone on the same page

It's so great to meet someone who 'gets' you.  I just started seeing someone special.  Instead of acting like a crude sex fiend, he is getting to know me and likewise.

It's refreshing to be around someone who understands the value of cultivating a friendship.  It is only on a strong friendship foundation that a relationship with grow, flower and thrive.

So, I'm enjoying the journey and will patiently go where it leads.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Helping out of loyalty...and less belief

I have a friend I've known and admired based on him going from a thug to a success.  But, lately, he's run into a tad bit of trouble.  Based on what I hear, much of what he did was wrong.

But, he's still being railroaded.

And he needs my help.

I weighed it all.  Then I called him and chastised him for his f-ups while applauding him for continuing the fight.

Then, I dug in and helped him.

Monday, May 2, 2016

It's about safety.

Because I'm going alone to Cuba, my friends are worried.  However, I have contracted a company to take me around to all of the sites.  It is highly recommended and the principals are efficient.

This is better than going it alone.

And, my booking agency is very efficient and has been scheduled all the way.

So I think I'm assuring and insuring my safety.

I'll deploy all of my vigilance while milling around Havana when I'm on my own.

So, I'm putting all measures in place to make sure my trip is fun, education and safe.

And, that makes me feel safe.