Monday, January 27, 2014

And...I went

Last week, I talked about supporting a friend whose husband had died -- too soon.  Well, I went to the funeral and attended everything!  Had I had second thoughts about going, those were dispelled with her gratitude for me being there.  I was there...I was there...I was there.  It was so uplifting.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Drop everything and be supportive

Last week, the husband of one of the regional representatives who works under me died.  I really like her and admired her devotion, as chronicled on Facebook.  She was strong, devoted and the embodiment of the vows: "In sickness and in health...until death us do part."

The couple has two teenaged boys and the road ahead will be tough for her. Plus, she was let go from her job as a journalist so, with her husband's nearly-two-year-long illness, she's the embodiment of the Biblical figure, Job.

I galvanized the team to make a donation, since Money is what is needed as opposed to a plant or flowers.  I waited for news on when services would take place.  She lives in Birmingham, Alabama so it isn't like I can drive to the services in Chicago.  Wouldn't you know that it will be held on a day where I have several appointments and obligations.  At first, I thought about not going.  Then, I rethought how much an outpouring of support would uplift her.  So, I dropped everything -- cancelled all appointments -- to be there. To me, there is nothing more important than being there when a person truly needs uplift.  That's why I'm going...Nothing else matters.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Social Media Opus II - Be nice

Recently, and as the last blog underscores, I was savaged by folks in a social media thread.  Today, I'm seeking a realtor and put the word out on Facebook.  One of those who was particularly cruel inquired about it.  When I saw her name, I went back over the thread to confirm that she was who I thought she was.  I plan to tell her why she won't be considered.  Those intemperate, uncivil taunts, come back to haunt you.  So, even when on the other side of an argument, be civil, be nice, and be aware of what your behavior and intemperate, mean-spirited comments can cause....good or bad.  In this case, we wouldn't consider her at all for this opportunity.  I'm not being vindictive, but merely protecting us from those who are unkind and do not reflect our values.