Monday, August 13, 2018

Black Harvest Film Festival

A few years ago, the Black Harvest Film Festival promoted the series by hosting screenings at local libraries.  I attended many of the screenings and gained an appreciation for their mission:  giving exposure to local African-American filmmakers.


I enjoyed the movies and, in some cases, the filmmaker was there to field questions and to talk more about his journey.  Plus, we were served refreshments.

As an added incentive, we received complimentary tickets to the REAL showings.

I went and enjoyed the Festival immensely.

Since then, I've gone because the promotional effort made me a believer and a lover of the Festival.

You see the trendy folks there who, also, appreciate the mission and the cinematic message.

It's a win/win and part of my annual must-attends.

Monday, August 6, 2018

National Association of Black Journalists

I LOVE this convention.  It's an under-one-roof conference where you can learn from masters like Tyler Perry and other experts from all media-related disciplines.  I also renew friendships, cement and establish contacts, and connect with a host of media wonks.  This has reaped tremendous rewards as these contacts have turned into HITS.

This year's confab was held in Detroit so I got away to visit Hitsville and other Detroit landmarks, which is making a comeback.

Whatever I spend in registration and fees is worth it in turns of the millions of dollars of benefits I get from attending.