Monday, February 12, 2018

When Growth is not always good for business

I love my furnace guy. Shawn is funny, customer-service oriented, caring, passionate and makes you feel like you're his ONLY customer.  When you call him, he gets back within an hour -- MAX.

Others must feel that way too.  Why?  Because, he's gotten busy and started parcelling out assignments to his workers.

They don't have his personality and appeal. They're straightforward, no-nonsense, in and out and BYE.  But, they do fix the issue.

I insisted that he call me so I could talk to him.  Sure enough, he got back to me right away.  He explained that through aggressive marketing, his business has soared.  I'm thinking that part of the business' appeal is HIM and his vivacious, sparkling and charming style.

I guess I haven't made the cut in terms of being one of his "preferred" clients because I'm getting the gloomy, unpleasant technician.

So, I may start letting my fingers do the walking and find another furnace server.   After all, it's the little differences that allow a business to thrive and survive, or die.

While I want him to grow, if you haven't trained your staff to bring the same style to their negotiations and work, the growth may be negated if folks start looking for someone else.

That is the juncture I'm currently in.