Monday, March 28, 2016

Coming out of retirement -- for a good cause!

Since going into semi-retirement, I've been approached to work on many projects.

The answer has always been:

"Thanks...but no."

Until Real Men Cook reached out.  This is an entity that promotes Black Fatherhood on Father's Day. I worked on it many years ago and helped with its national outreach.

But, for the last few years, the founder let her son handle and manage it and he had his own team.

This year, however, the weight of the event took its toll and it is clear that she needs to seize control again.

So she's pulled in her original team.

Including me.

It is taking a dynamic new direction that makes me excited and fired up.

So, how could I refuse?

I said "Thanks and yes." And, for this, I'm coming out of retirement.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Don't get anxious

OK. My trip to Cuba is finalized.

HOWEVER, the agency handling the trip sent me a long list of instructions. It went on for several pages.

After reading all of the dos and fonts, I was daunted and a little fearful.

Then, I took a breath.  I remembered my adventurous spirit.  I remembered that the President is opening up the gateways of Cuba.

And I remembered I was fearless.

So, I just chilled out and let the anxiety and fear pass.

If you're going to go into afraid, you will not enjoy yourself.

Breathe. Relax. Get past the Fear.

And enjoy the trip.

Monday, March 14, 2016

One "person" doesn't stop a show

I am going to Cuba...alone.  That wasn't the way it started.  I was going with a woman who heard on Facebook that I wanted to go to Havana.

She said she'd like to go.

We met over lunch and discerned that we could be companions.  In fact, she and I saw so many similarities until we agreed that being traveling companions would be a good fit.  Like me, she is free spirited and a careful risk taker.

I liked her and saw a "mini-me" in this younger woman.We corresponded via e-mail and phone as we set up plans.

But, then, she began to become scarce.  Finally, I caught up with her.  She said she'd gotten a new job and couldn't get away.

For a nano-second, I thought about not going.  But, that was only for a nano-second.

I shifted gears and gave myself the talk:  Don't let one person stop you from going.

So, I made the reservations and I'm off to Havana -- alone.  But, come to think about it, alone is how I usually roll -- and I like it!

Friday, March 11, 2016

How can you be bored?

I recently bumped into a lady who had recently retired, as I have.  She said she was so bored that she was considering going back to work.

I couldn't believe it!  I told her how I have had a ball exploring the city, going on mini-adventures, attending classes, discovering new haunts, enjoying new restaurants and having a great time in my new life!

I actually considered inviting her to go with me on these pursuits but decided that she may be too uninspired and would bore me and get on my nerves.

Bottom line:  There is no excuse for being bored in the city.  Too much to do and too much fun to be had.