Monday, June 25, 2018

Enjoying my 119

For about two years, I've been visiting the Most Unusual Places in Chicago/Chicago area.  It's been an awesome experiences going to unique haunts, off-the-way places and quirky meanderings.

I've been to the Shit Fountain, Violet Hour, the American Museum of Surgical Science and so many more.  

On Saturday, I went to #22, the site of the 1898 World's Fair.  There are three areas:  The Japanese Garden, Wooded Hills and Big Mary.

The Japanese Garden was tranquil, beautiful and mesmerizing. 


The scenery was so haunting and awesome that I could have stayed all day and wrapped myself in the wonder of it all.

My only regret is that I hadn't been here before.  It's always been, where was I?

Monday, June 11, 2018

How to Get a "YES"

I'd been working on trying to penetrate a station for a month.  I called.  No return call.  I called again. No return call.

Then, I heard on the show that they were having a public beach party.

I got up and went.

He wasn't there...but his boss was.

We talked.

He was receptive.

We exchanged cell numbers.

It's ON.

So, that is the recipe for getting a YES.

In going, I exhibited interest and showed that I watched the station.

Plus, I helped boost attendance at the beach party as it was a rainy day and most people stayed away.

But I didn't.  Even at a grandma's age and being out of their demographics, I was welcome there.

I got multiple tee shirts, mugs, lip balm and all of the other goodies.

But, most of all, I got a YES!