Friday, January 30, 2015

Always cultivate

Always cultivate new talent because you never know when your mainstay will fail you. This goes for every area in which I'm involved.  I have a roster of handymen that I swap out when one messes up.  I also have a team to writers and those who can help with my promotions.  I have little patience for folks who are late, short on integrity and low on customer service.  Within my stable are those who adhere and live up to all of those qualities.  When one fails in an area, I turn to someone else because I always cultivate.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Go for it!

As a direct outcome of seeing the movie, "Selma," I've decided to go to Selma from March 9-13 for the 50 mile trek to Montgomery on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.  It might be perceived as an impulsive decision but it is one that is being driven by a passion to be a part of history. President Obama will be there at the start.  Now that my mind is made up, I'm cogitating on readying for the walk, physically and mentally. They walk in ten-mile-a-day increments.  I think the rush of the crowd, being part of a bonded experience, the notion of being part of a Movement and the adrenalin will carry me through. I've booked my hotel and I've gotten it in my head to GO FOR IT!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Don't quit

I'm working with a worrisome client.  Very worrisome.  It is for a short period of time but it has been an exasperating experience.

I'm not the only one who feels that way as the media outlets I'm trying to reach have practically groaned when I mentioned her name.

It would be easy for me to quit.  But, I'm not.  I will trudge it out and stay pleasant and still try to yield results.

In the end, it would be good for my sense of professionalism.  She hasn't been abusive…cursing and going crazy.  She's just a micromanager.  Results can tame that and, even with the groans, strides have been made.

But to bail on an event would be unprofessional.  So, I have posted this quote on my laptop:

Don't quit.

I won't work with her again but, for this project, I've vowed to:

Don't quit.

When her quirkiness irks me, I'm going to stick to my mantra:

Don't quit.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fire him

I've had a handyman for years who has increasingly gotten surly and uncooperative.  I've kind of given him a pass because of our long history and because he's gone out of his way in the past. I've always liked using him because he employs neighborhood apprentices. I practically gave my house away to him as a show of loyalty for past work.  But that is the past.  Last week, he complained that I call him too much and with his voice raised, told me to stop.  I one-upped him and said he doesn't have to worry about me calling because I won't be calling him again. But, yesterday he called and we got into a tiff and he hung up on me. With that, he was fired.  I don't argue with folks I pay...I just fire them.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pay people quickly. It pays off!

Those who work with me know that I pay quickly. Even at a testimonial where I was saluted, one of my vendors praised me for that. This always comes in handy during emergencies. During this brutal winter, I've needed last-minute handymen for repairs, plumbing issues and electrical outages. Because of my habit of paying quickly, they moved their calendars around for me.  Why?  Because I pay quickly.  That is a great business practice that certainly pays off!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's the rush?

I have found value in taking it slow.  Whether it's a personal relationship, or a professional one, it is a value to take one's time.  Cultivate the relationship. Nurture it.  And, when it is consummated, it will be stronger and more enduring.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The importance of vetting

I'm into betting professionals. In the last year, I've had to change my dentists and gynecologist. In both situations, I was diligent about vetting. I first went to friends, including Facebook friends, who provided great lists. From there, I turned to the Internet to view the qualifications and, most important, the comments. By this time, I'd whittled the list down to a few.  So, the final hurdle was how the office handled the phone. The ones that won out were those who had a "real" person answering the phone. The ones rejected were those with voicemails with directions to call 911 in case of emergencies. Even with that, I left a message.  If I didn't hear back within 24 hours, they were eliminated. Those whom I selected had great receptionists. So, with proper vetting, I got a new dentist and a new gynecologist serving my needs. In person they are professional, caring, passionate and likable. Their receptionist, nurses and attendant help are all excellent. In the end, it was worth the time to vet.