Monday, October 1, 2018

A place to Chill

When Dominick's was open, there was a quiet place there where I could relax, read...and chill.
I'd spend Sunday morning reading for hours without home interruptions or other distractions.

So, I was unhappy when Dominick's went out of business as I didn't have that quiet place to retreat to on Sundays.

Until yesterday.

I went to Mariano's on 110th and Cicero and walked into an oasis of wonderment. There is a quiet place where I can read and, which is adjacent to a coffee bar.  It is nestled away from the bigger grocery vortex so the busy feel is oblivious to those in this quiet island.

So, I was delighted yesterday to find my new retreat.  And, after spending hours undisturbed, I did some genuine shopping and was delighted by the European feel of this shopping emporium.

So, I've found my quiet place and hope it will be a lasting find that will not be subject to the whims of the market fluctuations.