Monday, September 28, 2015

Congratulate yourself

I just finishing hosting my annual dinner.  It was a huge success.  Great food.  Great company.  Great vibes.  Everyone had a great time and the kudos are all over social media.  I'm humbled.

Now that I've had time to reflect on the effort that went into this --  including making sure the guests represented a nice mix and that everything was coordinated --  I think it's time to CONGRATULATE MYSELF!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Patricia Bailey is a long-time friend and the rise of our careers parallel.  She is a marketing exec whose specialty is the ethnic market.  She is a miracle marketeer who has taken ideas into profit-generating campaigns. She is responsible for me gaining a number of clients and I love her.

When her mother "developed" Alzheimer's, she took ten years out of her life to care for her until she died in 2004.  Out of that experience, she became an expert and advocate for this deadly disease.

Today, she is a preeminent expert on Alzheimer's and is a walking resource of information and tools.

Always a sharing person, she created a portal where caregivers could access information.  She also created an online blog where she shares updates and encourages those caring for those with this disease.

Most importantly, she created a chart where memories of the afflicted could be posted for the medical professionals attending to them. Her mother was once a blues singer and would be uplifted when the blues was played.

Pat developed this and, using her marketing savvy, produced it and it is being sold in a major chain.

She is the embodiment of why I admire her.

I applaud her.

Friday, September 25, 2015

It's FUN -- and an investment

Once a year, I have an event at my home.  For years, I had a Barbecue that attracted hundreds. It was a great way to connect with clients and the media. However,  I stopped hosting it the year my Dad died.

It became expensive and cumbersome.

So, I started hosting a dinner for 20.  It is now in its fourth year and it is a fun event and it pays off in goodwill.

This is a much more manageable soiree and with fewer people I'm able to manage it better -- and even have a little fun.

So, it's a trifecta:  My friends have fun, I'm able to manage it better and have FUN.  And, it is an investment in my firm and in future friendships.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Take a chance….on LIFE

I'm here in Martha's Vineyard with two friends I met at the Grand Canyon in April.  It has been a BLAST!

Had I not taken a chance and gone up to them and started a conversation, I would never have met them.  They are dynamic, educated women who have been a positive in my life.

Karen Craddock is Dr. Karen Craddock and is a researcher with a Ph.D. from Harvard and does amazing studies.

Tracy Holmes Craddock is a designer at the Rhode Island School of Design.  They have added to my life and given me joy.

But, it all started with me going up to them and saying HI….taking a chance on life.

Now, I'm exploring a different part of the country at Martha's Vineyard with a side visit to Harvard.

I took a chance on life and all of us are winning!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tennis players are inspirations

The US Open Tennis is the final slam of the year and I've been blessed to be inspired by the players.

I love Donald Young's heart.  I also like the way he's matured from the petulant whiner to the totally evolved player.

He is an inspiration.

I love Venus Williams.  I like the way she's overcome illness to trudge forward and win…and win..and win.

She is an inspiration.

I love Serena. Even when she's down, she can dig down and draw from all of her talent to turn a threat from the opponent into a rout by her.

She is an inspiration.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saving requires vigilance

Saving is important to me.  With me being a retirement, it is vital!  I just got a new computer and the default site is New York Times.  Now, I've been a ten-year subscriber to the NYT but with this new machine, I get all the latest news -- and DEALS!

Recently, I saw an introductory rate for 50% off for 26 weeks.  So, I called them and mentioned it.  They said I was eligible and immediately put the savings into effect.

I'm not pleased that New York Times didn't alert me to this deal but it proves you must be vigilant….if you want to save money!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Give it a second chance

I'm health conscious and I love my "regular" doctor.  When I have a cold, he's there.  Whenever I have any other kind of ailment, I know he'll write a prescription.  But, recently I went to a holistic doctor because I want to try a more organic approach to health.  He gave me tons of herbs and after a few days, I stopped with the regimen. I just couldn't see myself drinking concoctions and popping herbs with such regularity.

But, feeling ill and tired, a month later, I tried it again.

VOILA!  The herbs seem to be working. So, despite the expense, this is working and I'm feeling better without the drugs.  Yes, I have a shelf filled with drinks and herbs but they mean good health. I'm glad I gave this doctor a second chance.

Friday, September 4, 2015

OK. I have my little weird passions…don't be a hater

OK.  I like Price is Right and have finally been able to see it with regularity since I retired.  I try to revolve my time around seeing the show.  Recently, a friend wanted me to meet her at the exact time PIR is on.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake and shared this little nugget of information with her. She almost went off calling me everything under the sun!  When she was finished with this tirade, I told her that after working in a business over 30 years and missing PIR, I'm satisfying my little obsession and too bad if she doesn't like it.  It's my life!  Deal with it! Gotta go.  Price is Right is about to start!  And, no.  I won't tape it!  So there!