Monday, December 14, 2020

I should have gotten to know her..but now it's too late

 Dr. Jane Smith was a supernova.  From a child, she was groomed to be an achiever, an influencer and one those spirit would shape the world.  And, she was absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful eyes that radiated her look. 

Did I say smart?  She was whip smart.

We were in the same class at Spelman and her aura was spellbinding.

With her confidence, and the way she carried herself, I must admit:  

I was jealous!

I never got to know her at Spelman but I admired her from afar.

We graduated and I didn't see her until she was executive director of an organization that brought her to Chicago.  That was over 15 years later.  I'd seen her mentioned in the Spelman magazine for years so I knew she was doing well.  We connected and for the first time, I saw why she was so valued.  She was phenomenal.

We chatted and I felt no edge about her, no snark, no nothing. She fondly called me "Chicago."  I realized that she was kust a nice person -- about something.

I saw her at our 50th reunion and, as she always did, she called me, "Chicago."  She was with a friend but I told her I would like to talk to her.

She didn't stay long but waved and gave one of those shrugs as if to say, "I know you want to talk but I'm tied up with this guy so...please understand."

On December 10, she died after a brief bout with cancer.  I was stunned.  I mean, some folks are never supposed to die and you can't imagine that happening to someone so awesome.

But when her sons shared the news, I knew it was true.

I never got to know Jane -- not really.  But, I understand why she was beloved and why she was so admired and inspiring.

I just wish I'd gotten to know her better.

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