Monday, November 30, 2020

Yielding to sensibility

 It's nearly time for me to make my annual vacay to -- CANCUN!

In spite of the pandemic, I did my due diligence and felt I could still go --and observe protocols.

I'd mostly hang out at the villa and on the beach since being outside minimizes risk.  

To ward off any threat of violating social distancing guidelines, that would put me in jeopardy by riding the crowded busses, I would rent a car.

But, the question was:

Would I have fun?

Would I relax?

I love shopping and didn't want to curtail one of the reasons I enjoy my sojourn there.

So, the risks widened.

But, then family stepped in.

My brother and sister begged me not to go citing fear that I would contract Covid and never get out alive.

Then, my sister's grandkids made their appeal:

"Auntie.  Don't go.  We don't want you to die!"

With all of that pressure, it was a no brainer:  I'm not going.

It goes against my adventurous spirit but, I suppose sensibility kicked in -- THIS TIME!

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