Monday, December 28, 2020

Wonderful boyfriend

 The end of the year is a time to reflect.  And, my personal life comes into focus.  I don't talk about it but, as I think back on this year, his dedication and his love mean so much to me.

I am so fortunate to have him because he is such a caring boyfriend/man/boo.  

He moves me in the most charming ways...simple ways.

On Christmas Eve, he spent the night so I wouldn't be alone on Xmas morning.  That's because the family was being COVID cautious and wasn't having a family gathering. And, even though his family wasn't adhering to guidelines, he made sure I'd be OK.

I was.

He took the time to open some hard-to-open packages that I would have given up on in a few seconds.

Because he knows I love sweets but don't need them. he removed three cookies from a cookie tin that I could eat and then threw the others way.

He mounted a picture my neighbor had given me for a gift.

And, of course, he gifted me with what I wanted -- even though he thought it was quirky. A toolbox. He went way over the top as I'd expressed a need to learn how to repair basic things.  Now, I have all the tools and I'm going to find a course where I can learn to make basic repairs.

He has a quiet style about him that moves me.

I don't often talk about him but on the day after Christmas, I called him to thank him for giving me the best gift EVER!

No.  Not the toolbox...but his loyalty, support and love.

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