Monday, April 22, 2024

Chemistry - ARGHH

I am so tired of hearing guys I meet online say that he'd like to meet me to see what the chemistry is like.


If they don't get that magic on the first day, that's the end!

Everyone doesn't ooze with chemistry and I fear I'm one of those.

I don't want to fake it and pretend I'm so smitten because that's not me.

But that doesn't yield second dates.

And to be honest, those relationships that begin with chemistry, explosiveness and a high High HIGH often end badly.

So, I want to pace it because it takes a lot of slow to grow.

So, if we don't get sparks on the first date and you don't...try again.

Continuing to grow and see one another in a paced way can lead to true love.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Today I Turn ___________

 Today I turn....

Can't say it!

But I'm having fun.

I'm kinda retired!

So, I'm exploring more...Going to intriguing places.

I've always been quirky...eccentric and a person who does what I want.

And, it's made me more enlightened.

So, Today I'm ___________.

It's hard to say.

It's hard to believe.

But today I turn 77!


Monday, March 4, 2024

Enjoying my visits to Out of the Way places

 For ten years, I've dedicated one day a month to visiting a place that is original, unique -- and maybe quirky.

Because my friends are not as "feistily curious" as I am, I don't invite them.

But what a joy!  I've been to the 31st Street Beach and saw where a naked woman was carved in the sand.  I've been to one of the most hard-to-find pubs that looks empty on the outside but once you open the door, you're greeted by an explosion of wonderfulness:  lights beaming, enthusiastic staff and the drinks and food are unbelievable.

Of course, I've seen the Shit Fountain and a little hidden away plus pond behind Lincoln Park Zoo. And yes, I've been to the Bahai Temple, I've seen Harold Washington's grave and I've wandered around some eerie -- but fun -- places.

I could go on but just have to add that this has made me interesting, lively and Happy.

What more could you ask for?

Monday, January 22, 2024

Prostate Cancer is a Black man's plague

When General Lloyd Austin was AWOL, it was because he had prostate cancer.  There is no shame but because it concerns his prostate, he chose to "keep it quiet."

Now comes the death of Dexter King because of prostate cancer.  

This is emerging as a Black man's disease because a proportionate amount contract it.

We must launch a campaign to educate Black men about prostate cancer. Black women should urge their Black men to get tested.  Black men should learn the stark reality that Black men are more susceptible to prostate cancer.

Whatever it requires, we must do that.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year!

 Another year.  Another year older.  Another year wiser.

For me, after a disastrous Christmas, it's good to welcome a new year.

I pray that I have the discipline and wherewithal and the inner tools to wait before responding and acting.

Last year, a woman irked me in the airport.  I wanted to give her the side eye and an eye roll.

But I resisted.

About a week later, she sought me out for an assist with something.  I was glad to help and, working with her, I realized how kind and resourceful she is.

I liked her.

And she liked me.

She invited me to a function that I would have never been invited to.  I went and had a ball.  She treated me like I was royalty.

I'm glad I resisted the urge to be unkind.  Why? Because being civil brought me a new friend and valuable contact.

And that makes me happy!

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Keepin' down the stress during holidays!


It's joyous, wonderful, awesome and convivial!

But, it can also be stressful being around relatives and the accompanying drama.

I have relatives who hold a grudge from eons ago!  So, they're cool and distant...making for discomfort!

And then there are parents who can't control their kids -- making the holiday time disruptive and harrowing -- especially if you discipline them against their wishes.

And can't forget the takeover relatives who bombard you with the same stories and same inclination to hog everything!

In a few cases, I've opted to stay home rather than endure the strain of being around folks who cause stress. That happened when my nephew and his wife invited me to dinner one year and her relatives spent time drinking and ending up in a drunken stupor. Then, when they were at the height of their "high," they began focusing their venom toward me...the sane one. They called me "Miss Proper" and began tearing me down. 

In fairness, I enjoy some of the family luv that emanates from a select group of family. I love them. Cherish them. And generous toward them.

I enjoy seeing them flowers into mature, responsible and intelligent human beings.

They make up for the crazies and balance out the downers.

So, I've begun more particular about how I spend my holidays.

And, if necessary, I'll stay home and watch TV -- avoiding all the mess and drama.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Raising Up Women

Women can be so catty at times. Cutting each other down. Not always being supportive.

But I'm glad that, within my circle, we praise every little triumph, uplift when women are being challenged and support and love one another -- ALWAYS!

My friend Kathy Times led a Zoom meeting where we met with a semi-celebrity.  She opened the meeting applauding me, showcasing my little victories and  raising me up!

That sparked my soliloquy about her.  Going on and on about her courage, her leadership skills and her conviction when taking on battles that she, inevitably, wins.

I've admired Kathy since I met her years ago at the National Association of Black Journalists convention. She's brave. She's engaging. And, she's funny.

But what I love about her is how she compliments, praises and absolutely gushes about me -- and all women she touches.

We need to use Kathy Times as an example of how to raise up women.