Monday, April 19, 2021

Let's Get Real About Adam Toledo

There's an uproar about the supposed "murder" of Adam Toledo.  People are even comparing this with the REAL murder of George Floyd and Laquan McDonald.

Here are the REAL facts:

1.    Adam Toledo was hanging out with a 20-year-old known gang banger, with a record.

2.    Adam Toledo was hanging with a known gang banger at 2:30 AM.

3.    Adam Toledo and his gang bangin' buddy were shooting at cars during the wee hours of the morning

4.    Adam Toledo and his buddy's gun-shooting antics prompted 9-1-1 calls from residents

5.    Police responded to those 9-1-1 calls and engaged in a foot chase

6.    Adam Toledo was ordered to stop and show his hands

7.    Adam Toledo opted to continue running down an alley

8.    Adam Toledo stopped and hurriedly ditched the gun that was in his right hand

9.    In a millisecond, Adam Toledo turned toward the officer

10.    The officer had to make a quick decision in that millisecond:  Me dead or him.

11.    The officer fired...and made the right decision.

12.    Horrified, the cop tried to save his life.  Too late.

So, these are the facts.  His mother -- who should have been monitoring her son -- is asking for the officer's head.  Had she been doing her job, this would not have happened.

These. Are. The. Facts.

Quit the emotionalism and let's get real about Adam Toledo.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Army Lt. Caron Nazario - The Outrage

 I want to celebrate the life of Army Lt. Caron Nazario. Why? Because he's lucky to be alive.

These hyped up, pumped up, guns-drawn white officers could have found justification to murder him and accuse him of resisting arrest.

These type of cop/cowboys populate the police departments nationwide. This is the environment that created Derek Chauvin, and so many other killers who murdered blacks. Think George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Walter School and so many more who were murdered by cops.

So, this Lieutenant could have been added to the list. It didn't matter that he was in uniform. It did't matter that he was being respectful.

He was Black...but spared.

Now sue them to the rafters and get a big pay day. Appear on TV. Get your props.

You deserve it!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Preparing for a presentation

 Wing it!

Just give them the basics!

I had to resist those words of advice from associates when it came to preparing for an upcoming presentation.

As a person with an acting background, I know the value of rehearsing, preparing, gearing up for the big presentation.

So, I've been practicing, going over the script, gearing up emotionally and getting ready.

I don't want a seat-of-the-pants style.  

I'm going before the group with resolve, conviction and determination.

When I come before this body next week, I'm doing everything I can to present a focused, compelling, convincing pitch.

I'll be ready.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Memory Moments Are Memorable

Yesterday, my sister and I had to go by my parents' house to check on its condition.  As we walked through the various rooms, we recalled moments from childhood.  Every memento evoked a memory of moments with family.  The bedroom we shared.  The little room under the stairs that scared us.  The cubby hole in the furnace room where my brother would escape and meander around the neighborhood.

Filled with memories, we drove around the neighborhood.  We toured past our elementary school, the park where we learned tap dancing, the candy store where we used to buy Mary Janes for a penny.  And, of course, the viaduct under the tracks.  

I took her on a tour of where she lived soon after marrying. She recalled the park where she would take her baby a grown man of 53.

We smiled.  Laughed. Even got quiet as we recalled our parents -- both gone.

Somehow, we got quiet with reflection.  And, in the end, we hugged.  But we also mused on the days we have left because we now are at the age where we must think about life and must resolve to cherish these memories.  Every moment is precious.  EVERY. MOMENT.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Some lemons can't be turned into lemonade

I bought a used 2017 Mitsubishi in August 2020 that had logged only 17,000 miles.  I was super happy to get what I thought was a dream deal.  Plus, my trusted mechanic sold it to me so I didn't think I'd have any problems.  And, if I did, he'd fix it...pronto and for no charge!

But it has been a nightmare.

Soon after I got it, the car began to shake.  I took it back and they "fixed" it.  Then the annoying signal "Service Engine Soon" kept flashing.  Again, I took it back.  They fixed it to the point where the signal stopped.  But a few days later, both the shaking and the signal continued.  

So, I took it back -- AGAIN!  The warning light was off and the shaking stopped.

Three days later, everything was on: The flashing warning light and the shaking.

This time, I took it to another shop, which has a diagnostic device..  They diagnosed it as a carbon build up.

The cost: $1200.

I got it back and everything was beautiful -- for a month.

Then Saturday, the warning light about the engine began flashing again.  I called the new place and they said to bring it back for another diagnostic review.

Yesterday, I was shopping and when I started to go to the next stop, the car wouldn't fire.  I prayed that I wouldn't have to call AAA but after 15 minutes, I got it connected and drove it straight home.

I was talking to my boyfriend and he used the "L" word to describe it:  As in a Lemon.

I wrote my accountant for advice on how to max out the tax advantages on this car because I'm not inclined to spend a lot of money if this car is a lemon.

And, I'll cut my losses if it's determined that this car is a lemon that can't be turned into lemonade.

Monday, February 1, 2021

When Will It End?

 When Trump lost in November, I thought the Trump train had screeched to a halt.  Then came the incessant rants about election fraud and he continued to be in the limelight.

But when Biden was inaugurated, I thought it would end.

But no.  The weak Republicans continue to be tethered to him.  So, my question is?

When will Trump go away?

When will the media stop covering him?

When will we become Trump free?


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

 Amid all of the mayhem surrounding the Capitol insurrection there was a major news event that was lost. So, I'll say it loud and proud:

REV. RAPHAEL WARNOCK and JON OSSOFF won their runoffs in Georgia to be United States Senators.

This was historic on so many levels:

Rev. Warnock becomes the first Black from Georgia to be a Senator

Jon Ossoff becomes the first Jew to be a Senator 

The pair held back two competitors who were the incumbents.

The pair emerged the winners despite the ugliest campaign mounted by their opponents.  The two relied on Trumpian tactics -- LIES, DISTORTIONS, FABRICATIONS -- they threw everything out there.  It was toxic...ugly...vile

Trump "campaigned" for them while defiling Republican leaders and airing his own grievances about losing the election.

In the end, the two prevailed. In the end, the two won over the people of Georgia.

Fueled by a massive voter registration and get-out-the-vote offensive, and led by Queen Stacey Abrams, the two got the win.

So, I'll say it...again and again. 

RAPHAEL WARNOCK and JON OSSOFF won their runoffs in Georgia to be United States Senators.

RAPHAEL WARNOCK and JON OSSOFF won their runoffs in Georgia to be United States Senators.

RAPHAEL WARNOCK and JON OSSOFF won their runoffs in Georgia to be United States Senators.

RAPHAEL WARNOCK and JON OSSOFF won their runoffs in Georgia to be United States Senators.